Who we are

We are Glenn Jones, that is myself, Merve van der Merve, Malebohang Phatsoane, Gary Robinson, Brent Hall, Phakane Makhakhane and Jacqui Jones, from Malealea Lodge, who keeps threatening to join our team, but never does.

Glenn Jones

I started Malealea Tours officially in 2008 into a CC and all that formal stuff, but actually I have been running tours, exploring Lesotho, sending people through the country, reccing expeditions with journalists and friends since way back. in fact, Malealea Tours officially turns 3 on the 1st of May 2011. That is tomorrow, so in celebration I have revamped the site for the 3rd time and have changed the game plan slightly. The Malealea Tours website now represents the first major tourist information hub for Lesotho. You can now find all the basic information on tourist accommodation places in the whole country.

It will still take me some time to add more concrete travel information but that will come (these things take time you know). I am exploring the world of social media and bringing that whole dimension into the equation. Don't ask me how it all works, but like this incredible journey of trial and error, we will, by making plenty of mistakes figure it all out....blah, blah.. I am waffling away from the topic. I am a student teacher at Wetpups primary school in Cape Town. In my spare time I am a Lesotho tour operator. I like trail running, mountain biking, hiking, fishing, adventure and off-road biking, playing the guitar and my latest hobby over the last three years has been the unbelievable exploration of open source web applications; in particular google apps, wordpress, google sites and joomla platforms. I am addicted to travel and adventure and just when I thought I would take the year off from all that adventure nonsense and try to have a normal life, i got myself sucked into probably one of the most exciting and adventurous events on the Southern African events calendar. I have signed up as bike rider in the Inauguraul PUT FOOT RALLY. Its all over our site - take a look....

Merve van der Merwe

Enough of me, I am waiting for Merve's Bio, but in a nutshell, he is the Lesotho's best travel consultant, who's only been to Lesotho once. He can add the rest.....

Malebohang Phatsoane

Malebohang Phatsoane is the most remarkable basotho lady I have met. She has worked with me in the development of Moorosi Chalets in Southern Lesotho over the last five years. From someone who used to run and hideaway from tourists when they used to arrive because she was terrified of the "Magoa" she now finds herself as manageress of Letloepe Lodge - a 40-bed lodge in Qachas Nek. The owner's asked me to take over the management and I saw her as the perfect person to use her newly acquired skills in a lodge environment. She is doing exceptionally well and Letloepe Lodge, I know, will benefit immensely with her being there.

Gary Robinson

Gary Robinson and I formed a partnership to try and set up some fishing and overland trips in Lesotho. He absolutely loves taking people around in his famous Bright Red Defender Landrover or Big Ben, the indestructible Syncro. The tours are more specialised and are tailor-made but we have packaged a Lesotho-Wildcoast tour which is phenomenal - its on the tours page of the website. If you dont have a 4x4 or too lazy too drive yourself, do yourself a favour and go on one of Gary's specialized tours of Lesotho. He would spend 18 hours a day driving and looking after guests if he could. On the fishing side. Well, we spent a numerous amount of time and money working out the where the best fishing in Lesotho was. After an epic recce up the Maletsunyane Gorge. Eureka!!! we found the monster 2.5 kg browns and rainbow trout lurking in the probably the best river fishing waters in Southern Africa. The journey almost killed us but we survived to tell the tale. Find out about the end product that Gary and I created on The Lesotho Fly-Fishing Tour page.

Brent Hall - BF Hall Adventures

Next up is Brent Hall. I met Brent in November 2005 as a client on one of my earlier fishing tours. He arrived from the Qachas Nek side from Durban and brought with him the 50 year storm. He reckons he was driving and dodging massive boulders as the rocks were landsliding down the mountain side. Well, when you get to know Brent he likes to exagerate a bit, especially when it comes to his experiences in Lesotho. Well, the next few days was us driving around Southern Lesotho looking for clean water to catch some fish. All the rivers were muddy masses from the torrential rain, so no luck. Too cut a long story short, Brent has basically moved into Southern Lesotho. He is our off-road motorbike partner and to find out more about him and his adventure trips, either give him a call and hear his over-exagerated experiences of our Lesotho Adventures together or go to his website BF Hall Adventures and find out about the best off-road motorbike experience in Lesotho. There is a funny banner on the right-hand side of this page of a guy hanging on for dear life on his Harley-Davidson - thats also his company and you can click on that banner to find out more.

Phakane Makhakhane

Phakane Makhakhane is the most experienced, strongest, toughest, knowledgeable, friendliest and reliable mountain guide Lesotho has to offer. He lives in Malealea with his family but has explored just about the whole country by horse and foot. He gained enormous experience as the head guide for Absolut Tours on their numerous translesotho trekking expeditions from Malealea on the one side of the country to Sani Pass on the other end. He is responsible for the support crew of packhorses, other local guides, mobile kitchen, tents and camping, and general guiding of groups of German Hikers as they trek through the mountains. So he knows how to put up a tent, and besides his regular job as a pony trekking guide at Malealea he has acoompanied Malealea Tours on just about all our major fishing, hiking and mountain bike expeditions in the mountains. So if you want the best guide Lesotho has to offer, we can arrange Phakane to accompany you on any hiking, fishing, mountain biking and pony trekking expedition. He specializes in taking people off the beaten track away from the regular tourist trails as he knows the mountains so well. If you are mountain biking, he will even give you his horse while he carries your mountain bike up the unrideable mountain passes. Catch him in action on The Lesotho Fly-fishing tour down the Maletsunyane gorge, one of his favourite trips.

Jacqui Jones

Sends us lots of business and has made lots of promises to do some travel consulting work for us, but I suppose Malealea Lodge work keeps her quite busy, so we will forgive her. Also waiting for her bio,.....