A fine village on the main road to Semonkong, about forty-five minutes from Roma,

Ramabanta is a trading center for the surrounding area and more recently has become a tourist destination and a base for adventure in central Lesotho.

Ramabanta - from Ra; father - ma; the noun prefix - and banta; ribbon, girth or shoulder piece. An old chief who lived in this area, probably around the early 1900's was very fond of the bright maroon belts of the British army uniform and tended to wear them himself. He was named the " Father of the belt ".

The road from Roma to Semonkong is one of the most spectacular in Lesotho, with superb views as you climb into the highlands. Where the tarred road turns to gravel at Moitsupeli, 18.5km beyond Roma, look ahead towards the twin summits of the appropriately named Thabana-li-Mele (Breast Mountains). The road from Ha Dinzulu continues to climb, peaking at 2000m at Nkesi's Pass and then dropping down to the village of Ramabanta.

Accommodation is to be found at Ramabanta Trading Post .

All off-roaders lead to Roma, undisputed capital of the off-road adventurer in Lesotho. Roma is a small town, by Southern African standards,lining the main road from Maseru to Semonkong for a few kilometers.The eastern margin of this roadside town contains the famous National University of Lesotho, NUL.On the opposite side of the main street is the Roman Catholic mission. Two of the three reason that Roma, Lesotho is famous.

The third is the Roma Trading Post of Jennifer and Ashley Thorn. The area is also locally called Ha Baseane, after the Grandfather of Ashley, John Thorn; hence, " the place of Boss John/Jan " became Ha Baseane. Since the late nineteenth century the Thorn, family has been trading in Lesotho, with their base in Roma and at Ramabanta and satellite stores in outlying areas. Managing these enterprises, striding through the mountains on foot, racing through the broken back-lanes of the country as a champion off-road racing driver and navigator, Ashley developed an intense knowledge of the country, it’s people and the language of Sesotho. A better guide and host you could not imagine.