Sehlabathebe Ranger Station

About 45 minutes after you descend the Matebeng pass coming from Thaba Tseka or Sani you get the Sehlabathebe Ranger Station It is situated just outside the Sehlabathebe National Park and is a perfect base to explore the park. It is a good alternative if you cannot get a booking at Jonathan’s lodge in the park. The ranger station offers more beds ( about 30 dormbeds) with spotlessly clean kitchen and flushing toilets (when the pipes arent frozen) Within 45 minutes drive you are at Jonathan’s Lodge in the Sehlabathebe National Park and can do all the activities in the park.


Situated on the road to the Matebeng Pass not far from the Sehlabathebe National Park.


29° 53' 11.141"S

29° 2' 32.87"E

Bookings and contact info

Sidwell - 00266 5807 1433

Mr. Sehlabaka Makhetha - 00266 63266542

Please note these are cell phone numbers of staff members in the government department, who are responsible for the bookings. If you cannot get through post a comment on our Facebook Page by clicking on the icon at the top of the page and we will try and find the correct contact person as these people change positions regularly.

Hall hire = M100.00

Kitchen hire, 1 - 5 people = M50.00, 6 - 10 people = M60.00, 10 people and above = M70.00.

Accommodation = M70.00

Breakfast = M40.00

Lunch = M70.00

Dinner = M70.00